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Our Curriculum
At Precious Lambs our goal is to prepare each child with a learning foundation that will follow them throughout their school career. Our curriculum is taken from, which aligns with the "California Preschool Learning Foundations".  Your child will learn: alphabets, numbers, phonics, writing, math and science.
Explaination of Curriculum:
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A major component in a successful K-Prep and Preschool program is socialization. Within the preschool day there are many opportunities for socialization. Your child will socialize during play, story time, circle time, art, meal times, and group projects. Children will learn to listen to one another and take turns to speak.
Learning Centers
Learning centers is a time of discovery through play. Each day several centers will be available. Centers will teach your child how to play with other children, take turns, share, resolve conflict, solve problems, and take responsibility with the materials use.
Upper and lowercase letter recognition will be taught along with their sound. Children will learn Phonics and Writing.
Children will learn number recognition, counting, simple addition and subtraction, patterns and sequence, matching, shapes and graphs.
Every day your child will have a phonics lesson. Teaching will evolve from learning single letters sounds, then letter blends, to finally reading words and short story books.
Every day your child, will hold a pencil, crayon, or marker to either write and/or trace letters, numbers or their name.
Arts and Crafts
This is done during Learning Center Time. Children are encourage to express their own creativity during arts and crafts. There will be many open ended projects where materials will be available for children to create their version of a project.
Outside play
While developing large motor skills, your child will have the opportunity to slide, ride cars and bikes, toss bean bags, play in the water table or sand box, draw with sidewalk chalk, bounce balls, hop, jump and run. this is a time for them to socialize and burn off lots of energy.